Friday, December 5, 2008

Rooly is HERE!!

my sad attempts to take pictures with photobooth

The collection  :)

Well I've been neglecting the blog the last couple weeks, doing lots and lots of work on college applications. But I've got some very exciting news that I wanted to share :) I have a new sunglasses sponsor, Rooly a company that I'm very excited to be working with. Last night UPS delivered a box full of sunglasses and I have to see I'm impressed. I got a pair of navy blue partials and a pair of champagne colored 2partials and I'm going to take them on a ride this afternoon, but they fit great! Check out the website I've posted some pictures of the glass above . . .

Nationals is next week and I might be racing IL state champs this weekend as a warm-up, but either way Kansas City should be fun.

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