Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day, Skiing, and Nationals

Heres a couple of pics from Nationals:

Racing the elite race
Junior Girls 17-18 Podium L to R Michelle, Kaitie, Coryn, Me, Kendall
cornering during the elite race

Wow, well I'm sorry I've been so lazy about posting, I had a TON of school work to catch up when we got back from nationals, but we had over a foot of snow dumped on us here, and school's cancelled so i finally have some time to write.
Sunday's race in Kansas city was super fun, there was no pressure and I was really able to just get out and enjoy racing. I was hopeful when we woke up because it was 58 degrees out when we went for breakfast, however around noon the temperature dropped about 2o degrees in 5 minutes :(. I'm a wimp, and by the time I was on a trainer warming up it was very very very cold, thats the first time I've ever warmed up while wearing a scarf. The start did not go particularly well for me, it was very agressive and for the first half lap or so I was getting shoved around quite a bit, and losing places. Finally through the barriers I was able to find a rhythm and start making up some lost ground. I was catching and passing lots of people on the climb, but visibly losing time on the descent, which was frustrating but at least i know what i need to work on. During the last lap I started making up some good time on Anna Milkowski and Coryn, who were right in front of me. Luck, however was not on my side and after the run up i went to remount and realized that i had dropped my chain, the usual dismounting and frantically trying to put my chain back on ensued and about 45 very frustrated seconds later I was back on my bike and headed down the hill. At that point all  I could do was stay calm and work to make sure that the riders behind me didn't catch me. I rolled through in 22nd place, a bit annoyed but mechanicals are part of cross, so oh well. I had a great time and I'm so proud of my teammate Kristin who placed 15th woot woot!

The mens elite race was great to watch, I was wearing so many layers that I couldn't raise my arms above my head and I had a blast running around the course cheering for JP and Mark and ringing one of the 160 bells that Diane, Kristin, Lauren and I had spent Saturday evening stickering. Mark rode a great race to come in 11th, and has a recap on his BLOG. Jonathan also rode very strong against some tough competition he ended up third and overall Planet Bike had a great day.
As I mentioned the week has been a bit insane, with school work and college applications (I'm almost done YAY) but I found some time on Thursday to go for my first xc ski of the year. The snow conditons were amazing, and after an hour of skiing I realized that I had forgotten two things; one, how much fun skiing is (it really is great) and two, cyclists don't use their arms . . . skiers do. Lets just say I'm not going to be lifting anything heavy in the near future.
Thats all for now

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Hannah said...

God, I don't know how you're surviving school with being gone all the time. Only a few more weeks though, right? How's the whole college app thing playing out? Has your mom come around? Where are ya applying? Hope break's going well, even if it isn't exactly a break...