Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Drives and Tough Decisions

Well after about 8.5 hours in the Planet Bike Sprinter Van we made it to our hotel in Kansas City! I'm soo excited to finally be here and race, its the race I've been working up to all year. The weather is supposed to be nice 38 or 40 and no rain or snow on Friday. I'm racing bright and early at 9 a.m, but it'll still be fun.

A couple days ago I had to make a tough decision about my season after nationals. I had planned to go over to Europe right after this weekend to race for about two weeks, however with my road season starting to take shape I realized that the trip would probably do more harm than good. So, after a lot of deliberation I canceled my flight; I'll just have to wait for a better time :(. I'm disappointed but I think that in the long run it was the right choice to make. 
We're going to go pre-ride the course and cheer on my dad whose racing mens B's soon so thats all for now!

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