Friday, April 3, 2009

Some time in California

Well I made it through my first NRC stage race . . . kind of . . . Redlands was definitely a learning experience despite not quite going the way I wanted it to. The prologue went OK, it was tough but looking back on it i think i enjoyed it. The first stage was crazy windy, it kind of reminded me of riding in Boulder with the crazy cross winds. The field started fast and stuck with it until about six miles in, at that point I had let myself drift a little to far back in the field and I found myself stuck behind a crash. I didn't go down but I lost contact with the field and ended up chasing by myself on a windy and slightly down hill stretch of road. Most of the time running junior gearing (45/12) in an NRC race is a pain, but does not make or break the race but in this case i was spinning as fast I could and still barely able to hold the wheels that I found. eventually after chasing with Amber Rais who went down in the crash I got into a group and settled in. We worked hard but unfortunately were the first group to get time cut. I learned a lot and definitely won't let myself lose position in a big field again. 
I spent the rest of the race supporting my amazing teammates Kacey, Carla, and Hillary and overall it really was a great experience. The field was sooo strong and it was pretty cool to race with them and watch (though I'd rather be racing!)
I've spent the last week training in the LA area, enjoying the amazing weather and some beautiful scenery. I also got to ride at the ADT velodrome which was unreal, the difference between a 250 m track and a a 142 m track may not sound like a lot but its a totally different experience. I'm going to race a local Crit in long beach on Saturday and then head back to Boulder on Monday. Hopefully the last of the snow is gone and it will officially be spring.
 well, I'm off to ride my bike!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello Again

The team poses at our photoshoot

OK wow I've been horrible about updating but now that road season has begun I've decided to start blogging again. So much has happened since my last post, I don't think I could even begin to cover it all, but I'll try to give a brief summary.
So basically I graduated high school in January and moved out to Boulder CO!! Its so much fun riding in the mountains and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I'm also working at a great bike shop Boulder Cycle Sport! 
We had team camp around two weeks ago and it was great to meet my teammates and get some good miles in the legs. I also got my brand new specialized ruby and a whole load of clothes and shoes and glasses, it was like a second birthday :)
Anyway my days have been filled with training and sleeping and working, and now I'm in Redlands CA getting ready for the first big race of the year. The first thing I noticed when we got here was how amazing the air smells because of all the orange blossoms in bloom. We're staying with a great host family and I'm off to pre ride the TT course soon but I'll keep updating.