Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crashing in the Mud

Well the first day of the New Jersey Grand Prix is over. We left Thursday and went on a 15+ hour adventure in the car, which ended with 2 hours of driving around Princeton trying to find our hotel because Almira (Kristin's GPS) thought it was somewhere in a river.
 We got to the course the next morning and it was very very very MUDDY. There were long stretches where the course had been so chewed up that running was much faster than riding. I had a bike in the pit but I figured I wouldn't actually need it . . .little did i know.   I made the mistake of not wearing glasses, I figured they would just get muddy, but maybe 200 feet off the line I got a big gob of flying mud right in my eye. I'm never starting with out glasses again. My bad luck for the day was over because about two turns in the girl behind me completely missed the corner and came barreling into my left side ( and knee). I made it another half lap before my knee just wouldn't work anymore and i ended up (to my embarrassment) sitting on the side of the course. A very kind racer who was also an EMT stopped to help me until one of the the medical staff from the race came PICTURE. I came out of the day with a bone bruise on the top of my fibula and a lecture from the race medic on how if my knees weren't so bony i wouldn't have bruised it. ( Thanks! I'll try to work on that . . .?) It wasn't the best day for me, but Kristin and Kaitie rode very strong to finish 14th and 18th respectively in probably the fastest field I've ever been a part of!  Heres a link to a picture of me on before the start from cyclingnews 
Mark also raced incredibly well, coming in 9th!!!! there's a great picture of him remounting on PICTURE 
More racing again today, I'll try to update and post some pictures when I get home!

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